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Admission Forms
Please download the relevant admission form, and fill it. Shortly you will be contacted by one of the Admission office to guide you through the complete process:

Professional Members Non Professional Members

Professional Member:
is classified as a member who owns or works in either a hotel or restaurant, such as a Hotel Owner, Hotel Director, General Manager or a Chef.

Non-Professional Member :
is classified as an amateur member who does not own or work in a hotel or restaurant. All other professions and business sectors fall into this member category.

Why become a member ?
Membership of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs is by personal invitation. Belonging to this truly international community brings a wealth of opportunities for members to participate in exciting events worldwide.

These events, organized by national or local Bailliages, bring together people with a mutual interest in and passion for good food, conviviality and fellowship.

The benefits of an extensive international network and presence mean that members are welcome at any member establishment or event anywhere in the world.

Chaîne membership is recognized internationally and is transferable worldwide.

The benefits
Fine dining events

UAE bailliage offers distinguished fine dining events at respected restaurants and hotels around the UAE. The menus and dishes are created exclusively for these dinners by the chefs, many of whom are also members of the confrérie. This interaction between our professional and amateur members distinguishes La Chaîne from other organizations.

Each bailliage holds one grand gala event each year to celebrate the induction of new members, who are presented with ribbons signifying their rank. The activities of La Chaîne are not limited to grand dining, however. Diners amical—less formal meals, picnics and barbecues—also play an important role in each chapter’s schedule.

The Society also offers a growing number of regional and national events that are open to all members. Members may also wish to inquire about attending annual events, also called Grand Chapitres, scheduled by other bailliages around the world. View the International Calendar by consulting the Paris Website.

Benefits for Professionals
The cornerstone of the fellowship is the Professional member. The interaction between Professional and Non-professional members is what distinguishes the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs from other organizations.

Benefits include:
  • A worldwide forum in which professional excellence is recognized
  • Partnership in raising standards for service and food
  • Sharing creativity an innovation
  • Opportunities to showcase culinary and service skills
  • Competitions for young professionals – Jeunes Chefs and Sommeliers
  • Visibility on the International and local websites
  • To signify Professional membership in the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs and to provide immediate recognition=of an establishment of exceptional quality and excellence, selected Professional members display our prestigious brass plaque.

In keeping with the traditions of the ancient Guild of Rôtisseurs, our society has established a series of distinctive titles and decorations.

The titles bestowed upon incoming Professional members depend upon their current role.