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Dear OMGD Members,

Our 2018 OMGD program begins with brilliant “Stars around the World” – a tasting of champagne + sparkling wines! Accompanied by matching pass-around + finger foods.

Hosted generously by our long-term members Sanjiv and Poonam Malhotra at their splendid penthouse on SZR, the maximum capacity of the event is limited to 30 persons. OMGD members and their partners have preferential booking privileges; Chaine members may be confirmed by April 4, as and when places are available.

Kind regards,

On behalf of the National Council,

Ian Fairservice

F.R.G.S, M.C.F.A

Bailli Delegue – Bailliage des Emirats Arabes Unis

Officier Commandeur

Membre du Conseil d’Administration, Paris

Membre du Conseil Magistral
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