Dîner Amical, Marco Pierre White’s at Fairmont Bab Al Bahr

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styler Black Tie or National Dress, with ribbons
calendar_month 2020-08-05
restaurant Diner Amical
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We are excited to announce Abu Dhabi’s next Chaîne event after so many months of missing one another’s company! Please be sure to join us for what will be a superb evening of Italian food and wines in a five-course menu that has been especially created for us by Chef Marco Arlotti of Fairmont Bab Al Bahr.

Our conseiller gastronomique, James McIsaac, will be leaving Abu Dhabi in August, and this dîner amical at Marco Pierre White’s will be our opportunity to say farewell and thank you to him after many years of organizing excellent events in Abu Dhabi. We shall also be thanking Abu Dhabi’s outgoing chargé de missions Wolfgang Johannson (who has kept us entertained so many times with his inspired speeches of appreciation!)

You will be aware that there will be some restrictions like the table sizes and spacing but we can be confident that the Fairmont will ensure that we enjoy their usual high standard of excellence. We are hoping that travel restrictions may be eased by the date of the dinner so that Dubai members will be able to join us, but we shall need to wait and see.

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