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Dear Members,

It’s Zoom time! – it’s Boom time! – it’s OMGD time again!

Following our first OMGD Zoom event in July, introducing surprisingly delightful English winery products,

this time we invite you to explore with us Germany’s ample offering,

and travel with us along well-known and lesser-known wine routes and regions.


Discover German Wine Routes


Friday January 15, 2021


Members’ homes by Zoom

Selection of five wines

To be advised

Collection points

To be advised for your area + city

Cost to OMGD Members

AED 450 per case of 5 assorted wines for 4-5 pax

Cost to Non-OMGD Members

AED 500 per case of 5 assorted wines for 4-5 pax


Usual procedure – contact Monika

Numbers + groups

Max 10 pax per group, ideally 20 groups only


Suggestions will be made, however you will make your own decision

Collection of wines

To be advised from your area + city

Wine merchant / sommelier

Zooming in from Germany

We hope to see you all again virtually across our UAE bailage and enjoy the fraternity’s customary hospitality

– right in your homes!

Kind regards,

On behalf of the National Council,


Ian Fairservice

F.R.G.S, M.C.F.A
Bailli Delegue – Bailliage des Emirats Arabes Unis
Officier Commandeur
Membre du Conseil Magistral
PO Box 2331 | Dubai | United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 (0)4 4273000 | Fax: +971 (0)4 4282271

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