OMGD – Spirited Away by Anise – Tasting – in a Secret Garden in Dubai

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calendar_month 2022-01-21
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Dear Members,

OMGD stands not only for wines but also for spirits – and today, we are delighted to invite you to explore with us the pleasures of anise-based spirits such as Pernod, Ouzo, Raki, Arak and, last but not least, Sambucca – accompanied by regional delicacies from these respective Mediterranean countries, mostly prepared in an open-air garden setting – Dubai’s winter al-fresco entertainment at it’s best.

Some beer and wine will be available to those who do not fancy spirits.

We look forward to welcoming many of you on Friday, January 21.

On behalf of the National Council,

Ian Fairservice

F.R.G.S, M.C.F.A

Bailli Delegue – Bailliage des Emirats Arabes Unis

Officier Commandeur

Membre du Conseil d’Administration, Paris

Membre du Conseil Magistral

PO Box 2331 | Dubai | United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 (0)4 4273000

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